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What We Do
(a whole world view)

Whole World

We're a design firm and more.

We're an engineering house with more.

We're a research organization, but more than that.

We are business realists.

We know you have real costs to control and schedules to keep.

You can make what we design.

You can produce what we recommend.

You can manufacture the devices we propose and we can show you how.

On time and On Budget!

Whole World is engineering, design, research, electronics, styling,
Media production, and much more...

We are who you need us to be...When you need us.

Our Mission:

To point the way to sustainable
profitable, unique and resourceful solutions
to most any problem...and be best in class with the solution.

Give us a call! We have one of the most
diverse groups of experts on tap.

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By the way, that's R.Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxian World Map.
The only flat map to accurately represent the Earth.
And the only map ever to be issued a Patent!


www.wholeworld.us / design.emissary@wholeworld.us
Phone: 312-303-5019 / Fax: 815-943-7072
Chicago / Denver