What We Do...

What do you get when you mix Engineers, ChemEs, Chefs and Brew Masters?

Chemical Analysis and Engineering aimed an the food and beverage industry!

There are firms out there that may offer a view into
what is causing your process problems . . .

Simian Labs is the only firm with a track record of scientifically solving
the toughest food and beverage processing problems faced today.

We have developed automation process controls, filters
and formulas to ensure consistency and quality.

We have also developed what few others have and that is a sensitivity for
your business concerns - we know speed, accuracy and cost are real issues.

Some firms just don't get that.

And, we're not talking about just giving you a report like the other firms do.

We will create the devices, filters, robotics, and automation
process controls to actually solve your problems.

We don't think a pile of paper ever solved anyone's problems...

But, our staff and tools have!

Call us for a consultation on spec to see if we are not the one company
you can trust to understand your needs and solve your dilemma.

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Simian Labs - Making the world safe to drink (and eat)

Our Special of the House: 

Simian Labs is one of the only firms in the world to offer
post fermentation solutions to the wine and beer industry that
increase quality and save tremendous cost while preventing loss

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