What We Do...

North Renewables Group - Stands for N.R.G

Researches, Commercializes and promotes our proprietary energy solutions.

We have a simple mission to take ideas out of the lab and bring them to industry.

The technical solutions NRG pursues and owns will become the
mainstream best of class replacements for current energy sources. 

They will also be the first choice of business to meet new energy
demands based on efficiency, reliability, cost and payback.

An N.R.G. project is not pursued if it isn't:

  • Best in Class
  • Lowest Cost
  • Most Robust

And capable of being the 1 or 2 largest solution for its market.

The areas N.R.G. currently works in:

Energy Conversion

Pyrolisys Cycle Energy Recovery

Organic Electronics

www.northrenewablesgroup.com / support.info@northrenewablesgroup.com
Phone: 312-303-5019 / Fax: 815-943-7072
Chicago / Denver