What We Do...


                   Who We Are!

Grand Mental Station produces market
research and studies trends for our clients.

We then teach the client what we know and we
work together to develop design criteria
for the future of their companies.

Grand Mental Station Microfesto...
Where do you go to pick up your thoughts?

GMS Microfesto (a little insight through a little mission statement)

Grand Mental Station (GMS) is a central switching yard, where clients as diverse as Medical instrument manufacturers and interior decorators can come to be inspired by insights into the new. You get an idea from here, or, if you want our help in getting ideas - even better.

GMS brings an expertise and experts in learning to each project - so we are able to imbue vision into new products from toys and power transformers to floor mats and fetal heart monitors.

We are professional researchers looking into the full spectrum of everything we interact with.

At the crossroads of design, research and the next new thing...

Grand Mental Station...
is a think tank
it is an Industrial Design firm
it is an information resource locator
it is a place for the study of
new developments
and the culture
and our future
and our mission . . .
is to point the way to sustainable
profitable, unique and resourceful solutions
to most any problem . . . and be best in class.

We are your own private Wiki,
Give us a call, we have one of the most
diverse groups of experts on tap.

When we want answers we call on our:

Industrial designers
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Professional Engineers
Physical Therapists
Theoretical Chemists
Marketing Experts
Property Developers
Chemical engineers
Graphic artists
Souse Chefs
Video Artists
and more . . . they are our own personal Wiki

Get on the right track - Please call or Email us with your problem

www.grandmentalstation.com / support.info@grandmentalstation.com
Phone: 312-303-5019 / Fax: 815-943-7072